Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great point about Natural Perfumes

Natural perfumes are 100 times better than their synthetic counterparts, for a multitude of reasons. But it's easy to see why they are getting more use these days as so many of us are concerned about our ever-increasing toxic environments.

One thing you might not have known and is a great point about natural perfumes is a comment by Amrita Aromatherapy about wearing the natural perfume: (one of her lovely perfumes is called SWOON see it here)

Depending on your body chemistry, how much you apply, and your activities while you wear it, it will evolve and unfold on your skin over the course of 2-4 hours. Natural perfumes usually wear close to the skin and are not meant to enter a room before you - they are meant to be your intimate affirmation and personal, sensual ritual.
Natural Perfume can be applied to the pulse points, navel, and hair as often as you desire.

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