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happy new year 2015!!

Happy New Year!!!
Here's to making it the best yet.

The beginning of a new year gives us all sorts of inspiration to start things off right.What better time to give your body the care it deserves? Start off with a regiment that will help you feel great inside and out.
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

DIY distillers and where to buy home distilling equipment

DIY distillers and where to buy home distilling equipment

Have you ever wanted to distill your own essential oils instead of spending loads of $$ on buying them? Especially when some are diluted and therapeutically speaking, not worth the price.
Yes, there are reputable companies out there who consistently offer top of the line essential oils, but their prices reflect this and wouldn’t it be great to know exactly where that essential oil you’re using comes from?
By home distillation, you can control exactly how the plants/flowers/etc. are grown, tended and what products are used or not used in their raising. (i.e. pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

read my blog post on yellowstaressentials wordpress blog; DIY distillers and where to buy home distilling equipment.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Great point about Natural Perfumes

Natural perfumes are 100 times better than their synthetic counterparts, for a multitude of reasons. But it's easy to see why they are getting more use these days as so many of us are concerned about our ever-increasing toxic environments.

One thing you might not have known and is a great point about natural perfumes is a comment by Amrita Aromatherapy about wearing the natural perfume: (one of her lovely perfumes is called SWOON see it here)

Depending on your body chemistry, how much you apply, and your activities while you wear it, it will evolve and unfold on your skin over the course of 2-4 hours. Natural perfumes usually wear close to the skin and are not meant to enter a room before you - they are meant to be your intimate affirmation and personal, sensual ritual.
Natural Perfume can be applied to the pulse points, navel, and hair as often as you desire.

Monday, October 29, 2012

awesome links for natural perfumery

If you love making natural perfumes, or are just interested in the essential oils,  flowers, resins and plants involved in the process, you may find these links (from WhiteLotus aromatics) worth a gander:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Links and Helpful List of Books for Natural Perfumery

I' m a part of a yahoo group called Natural Perfumery and saw this post today for a newbie and thought this would really be beneficial for those who are interested in the wonders of natural botanicals and creating scent blends with them...

The Scent Trail by Celia Lyttelton
Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin- Arctander ( This book is wicked pricey)
The Art of Perfumery by Septimus Piesse
The Rogue Perfumer by Dr. Bobbie Kelley ( This is a book by the perfumer of Paragon Perfumes, not entirely natural)
The Secret of Scent (science and history of smell) by Luca Turin
375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols by Jeanne Rose

Links/Info sites
http://bojensen. net/  one of my fav sites, it goes into the chemical makeup of different botanical ingredients

http://hausofwaft. com/generalized- aromatics- and-ingredients- list/  a very basic list of things used in aromatics com/watch? v=VJuR9dmRH5Y  Boris the Perfumer ( Wonderful late perfumer Alec Lawless) com/watch? v=KwVcFczU6i4 com/watch? v=BUj6jpnXh3I& feature=relmfu  Alec Lawless on the Adulteration of essential oils, this is a 3 part interview com/watch? v=jbRFmIx3Vpo& feature=channel& list=UL  This a BBC documentary on perfume, I think its in about10 parts,very interesting.

Also see this post "notes on diluting essential oils for natural perfumery" on my wordpress blog for some excellent helpful information.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Essential Oils and Chakras Part Four; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; 3rd Chakra or the Solar Plexus Chakra

3rd Chakra or the Solar Plexus Chakra
Understanding the solar plexus chakra, essential oils, gemstones, crystals, flower essences, sounds and notes used to help balance the solar plexus chakra, angelic aid in balancing as well as which essential oils to use, and how to use them.
If you missed part one, see it here; Essential Oils and Chakras Part One; Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras , it will help you understand the basis of this series of articles on  balancing the chakras with essential oils. Also, see Essential Oils and Chakras Part Two; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; The Root Chakra , and Essential Oils and Chakras Part Three; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; The Sacral Chakra .

The Solar Plexus Chakra; 3rd Chakra (Manipura);
The Solar Pluxus Chakra, navel chakra, or third chakra, is also known in Sanskrit as Manipura. The third chakra is located at the solar plexus, or center of the belly, and is the seat of our power which focuses on confidence, will-power, metabolism and mental focus, as well as being associated with our internal ancient knowing, linear thinking and our mental body. The element associated with the solar plexus chakra is Fire- regulating the digestive organs, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen,
stomach, duodenum and small intestine, and is located at the 8th thoracic vertebrae, and also regulates digestive system, adrenals, stomach, liver, and our gall bladder . The solar plexus chakra is at the 8th thoracic vertebrae, and also regulates digestive system, adrenals, stomach, liver, and our gall bladder . Our self-confidence and self-esteem reside in the solar plexus chakra empowering and protecting us from negative energy. When the naval chakra is open we are decisive, motivated and in control of our actions and energies. If the naval chakra is closed we are passive and indecisive, often confused and we have low energy and are apathetic. We don't get what we want and have a hard time making decisions about how to change. We may even be jealous or have an inflated ego when the solar plexus chakra is out of balance causing indigestion, constipation and liver problems. Many times disfunction of the solar plexus chakra will materialize as; stomach ulcers, intestinal tumors, diabetes, pancreantitis, indigestion, anorexia/bulimia, hepatitis, cirrhosis, adrenal imbalances, arthritis, and colon diseases. Associations of the solar plexus chakra also include the corresponding color; yellow which symbolizes warm sunshine, happiness and joy, but also relates to cowardice and confidence. 

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Essential Oils and Chakras Part Five; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; 4th Chakra or the Heart Chakra

If you missed part one, see it here; Essential Oils and Chakras Part One; Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras and Part Two; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; The Root Chakra ,and   Part Three; The Sacral Chakra. , and Part Four; The Solar Plexus Chakra .

Using essential oils is only one part of balancing the chakras, but can be a very helpful addition to your holistic regiment. They just happen to be my favorite part of the equation. With their wonderful aromas, they can really put you in the mood and help set the stage for real healing and opening. Read on to find out all about the heart chakra, the essential oils to use, the sounds and notes to use, the crystals & gemstones as well as which angel to call upon to aid in balancing your heart chakra...

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Essential Oils and Chakras Part Seven; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; 6th Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra

Essential Oils and Chakras Part Seven; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; 6th Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra
Understanding the third eye chakra, essential oils, gemstones, crystals, flower essences, sounds and notes used to help balance the 6th chakra, angelic aid in balancing the 6th chakra, as well as which essential oils to use, and how to use them...
To read the rest of my article on Yahoo/AC click here

Essential Oils and Chakras Part Two; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; The Root Chakra

If you missed part one, see it here; Essential Oils and Chakras Part One; Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras , it will help you understand the basis of this series of articles on  balancing the chakras with essential oils.

I have been studying essential oils for over 20 years now, and have always been interested in the spiritual side of how nature can help elevate our minds, bodies, and spirits. True, they have many physical properties that aid us in bettering our lives, beauty, and health, (for instance; How to Cure Frizzy Hair with Essential Oils , or Many Helpful Suggestions on Uses of Essential Oils , and How to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Hair,) as well as properties that can help us mentally (such as; Can Essential Oils Help with Depression & Anxiety? Using Aromatherapy as a Mood Regulator , or List of Essential Oils for Specific Emotions ), but nature's gifts can also help us spiritually to balance, heighten, and elevate our spiritual sides as well. Sometimes, just the scent alone of certain plants or flowers can take me away to a magical and spiritual place where I am connected to all things, to all people - the whole universe as "ONE" life conglomeration of light and love. I am always in awe of the magic that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Our chakras, or energy centers, hold a mystical and magical form of light, and when in balance with these energies we can become even more than we are; what we are truly meant to be. I love how Anita Slotte describes the chakras, her words ring true and have a musical quality to them. Here is a snippet of her description of what chakras are,
"The chakras are the ancient depositories of all the divine energy given to humanity at the beginning of time. They are "The seven Spirits" guiding us on our path of transformation, our initiation into the mysteries of life. The knowledge and use of chakras as a means to spiritual awakening has been recognised through the ages in all the great religions in one form or another." See the rest of her " Tools for Transformation " on her webpage.

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Natural Remedies for Allergies, Allergen Home Spray Recipe, and Allergy Relief Blend Recipe

Living with allergies is no fun, and can be completely miserable for those who suffer with them. Even the simple act of getting out of bed may be too much for those who have a terrible case of allergies.
And with all the over-the-counter medicines, you never really know what synthetic chemicals you are putting into your body. Some of the chemicals in these products may make the allergies you are suffering with even worse, and almost as bad, mask the problems so they are never really rid of the root causes completely. I think this is just another reason people are turning to natural remedies.

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Natural Perfumers Guild Professional Suppliers Stores Members & Associates

Natural Perfumers Guild Members
AbdesSalaam Attar - Dominique Dubrana
A Wing and A Prayer Perfumes - Jane Cate
Anu's Essentials - Anu Prestonia
Anya's Garden Perfumes - Anya McCoy
April Aromatics - Tanja Bochnig
A Perfume Organic - Amanda Walker
Artemisia Natural Perfumes - Lisa Fong
Ascent Natural Perfumes - Rohanna Goodwin Smith
Bellyflowers Perfumes - Elise Pearlstine
BioScent by Dupetit - Alfredo duPetit
DSH Perfumes - Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
House of Matriarch - Christi Meshell
Iriestar - Julie Longyear
Isabelle Gellé Parfums - Isabelle Gelle
Janita Haan Perfumes - Janita Haan
JoAnne Bassett Perfumes - JoAnne Bassett
Lord's Jester - Adam Gottshalk
Lunaroma - Leyla Bringas
Maui Perfumes - Jackie Cummings
Mermade Magickal Arts - Katlyn Breene
Miessence - Narelle Chenery
One Seed - Liz Cook
Natalchemy Perfumes - Larry Marsala
Perfume by Nature - Ambrosia Jones
Providence Perfume - Charna Ethier
Rose en Bos - Emily Pienaar
Sabbah Perfumes - Lydia Sabbah website TBA
Sharini Parfums Naturels - Nick Jennings
Strange Invisible Perfumes - Alexandra Balahoutis
Therapeutate - Rodney Hughes
Associate designation includes supporters of natural perfumery who may use fragrance oils or aromachemicals. Please inquire from them if you are not certain their products are all-natural. The majority of the Associates do carry all-natural products.

1000 Flowers - natural perfume line TBA - Jessica September Buchanan
Anne Andenaes - Aromatherapist - Anne Andenaes
Amanda Jones Barbados - Natural Soap and Skin Care - Amanda Jones
Arghand - Afghani organization - natural products - Sarah Chayes
Aromahead Institute - Aromatherapy Education - Andrea Butje
Aromatically You - Natural fragrance - Sharon Schetelick - wesite TBA
Aromawear - Aromatherapy and Perfume Jewelry - Cathy Gins
Avery Gilbert - Scent Scientist and Author - What the Nose Knows
Basenotes - Forum, News & Directory for perfume lovers- Grant Osborne
Black Sheep Perfumes - Natural Perfume and Body Care - Andrine Olson
Blossoming Tree Body Care - Naturall Body care - Lisa Abdul-Quddus
Cropwatch - Perfume Chemist and Natural Aromatics Activist - Tony Burfield
Ellenoire - Indulgence for Bath, Body and Home - Noelle Smith
Fragrance Foundation - International Fragrance Industry - Rochelle Bloom
Fragrance Sciences - Barry Gibson - website TBA
Ganache For Lips - Natural Lip Balms - Patty West
Green Scentsations - Aromatherapist, author Mindy Green - website TBA
His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta’isi Efi, King of Samoa - author of monograph on use of natural fragrance in Samoa
Ingrid K - Aromatherapist - Ingrid Kutschbach
Jeanne Rose Natural Perfumery Classes - Educator and Author - Jeanne Rose
Littlefeather Organics - Emmelie Brunetti
New England Natural Soap - Artisan Soaps and Body Care - Nancy Brooks
Olfactory NZ Ltd. - Natural Hair Styling Pomade - Eleanor Laban
Nothing Perfume - Perfume and Scented Products - Michael O'Malley
Pacific Perfumes NZ - Francesca Brice and Kate JasonSmith
Pomegranate, Lotus and Plum - Body Care - Alison Cecile Johns
Prodarom - Grasse Institute of Perfumery - Industry Coalition - Isabel Torrente
Renaissance Aromas - Luxury Potpourri - David Mark website TBA
Secret Garden Soaps - Natural Soaps and Body Care - Mary Forrest
The Scent Trail - Author Celia Lyttelton
Stephanie K Naturals - Perfumes and Body Care - Stephanie Vinson
Taylored Essences - Diane Taylor
Terresscentials - 100% Organic Body Care Products - Diana Kaye
Robert Tisserand - Aromatherapy Consultant and Author - Robert Tisserand
Urban Eden - Naturally-Scented Soaps and Bodycare - Laura Natusch
Y-Yo Fragrances - Helen Coates
A Little Olfactory - Natural Aromatics and Body Care - Chris Ziegler
Albert Vieille - Wholesale Supplier of Natural Aromatics - Georges Ferrando
Allured Books - Industry Publishing House - Jeb Gleason
Ambergris Tincture - Finest Grade Aged Ambergris Tinctures - Adrienne Beuse
Alpha Aromatics Organics - Certified Organic Fragrances - Roger Howell
Aqua Oleum - Finest quality oils - Alec Lawless
Arlys Naturals - Natural Aromatics Body Care and Supplies - Susan Stype
Aromatics International - Karen Williams - Natural essential oils, GC/MS avail.
AV-AT Anatolian Treasures - Natural Aromatics and Body Care - Butch Owen
Ecomaat Bulgaria - Natural Aromatics - Atanas Krachmarov
Eden Botanicals - Natural essential oils, CO2s, absolutes and more - Will Lapaz
Essentially Me - Perfumery Supplies and Perfume - Siän James
Essentially Me Canada - Perfumery Supplies and Perfume - Nigel Strike Enfleurage NYC - Natural Perfumery supplies - Trygve Harris
HeartMagic - Distillation Equipment, Handblown Glass - Gary Stadler
Iriodes - Natural perfumes, etc - Claire Martin-Garrigue website TBA
Lifetree Aromatix - Aromatherapist/Educator - John Steele - 1-818-986-0584
Neroliane - Pure and natural aromatics from France
Saponifier Magazine - Online magazine for the Soap, Toiletries, Cosmetics and Candle Industry - Kathy Tarbox

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How to Make a Natural Travel Kit with Essential Oils

How to Make a Natural Travel Kit with Essential Oils

Plus Recipes For; Sunburn Relief Spray, Jet Lag, Migraines, Stress Headaches, Nausea, Travel Sickness, Queasiness, Fear of Flying, and Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

Aromatherapy can be a very helpful companion when embarking upon a long journey, or even just a short trip, and may even effectively replace some other traditional medicines for those that are looking for a natural alternative. While traveling may be a part of our work and our play, for those that suffer from travel-troubles it can be a nightmare. If you suffer from travel sickness, headaches or migraines, queasiness, fear of flying, jet lag, insect bites and sun burns, here you will find essential oil remedies to help with those maladies. I've also included a recipe for a massage blend to keep deep vein thrombosis at bay, as well.

Important Notes for Using Essential Oils; Dilutions and Usage of Essential Oils:
Always dilute essential oils, as they are very potent and too concentrated to use undiluted on the skin. To use essential oils in a massage, use the following dilutions:
For most people ages 12-65 add no more than 20 drops of your chosen essential oil(s) per ounce of carrier oils. For those aged 4-6 or those over age 65, do not use more than 10 drops per ounce of carrier, and those aged 1-4, no more than 5 drops per ounce of carrier. For pregnant women or babies, only minute quantities of essential oils should be used. For instance, only 1-4 drops of essential oils should be used per ounce of carrier. And remember that only Tea Tree, Lavender, Roman Chamomile 3%, Dill, and Mandarin (be careful of phototoxicity with citrus oils), as well as Eucalyptus Smithii (the mildest of all the Eucalyptus') are safe for children and the elderly, and are the only essential oils that should be used on pregnant women, or children under 4 years old.

READ the rest of the article at;

Top 10 Albums for Balancing the Chakras

"It is now widely accepted that we are not just physical beings, but mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well, all inter-connected as a whole instead of just one or the other. So it stands to reason that  if we are depressed, anxious, stressed, fatigued, jealous, and angry or a mixture of any of these emotions on a constant basis these 'negative energies' will cause us to become sick, diseased or affect us negatively in our physical bodies . " -from Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras (where you can learn A Little About Aromatherapy, What Are the Chakras?, Chakras Explained Through the Aura, and How Can Aromatherapy Be Used to Balance the Chakras?). Also see the rest of the series by typing the word 'chakra' in the search my content bar to the right of my featured content on my profile page seen here.

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Essential Oils and Frequencies Vibrational Frequencies List

Essential oils are amazing. Their constituents are a myriad of natural chemicals that, when properly grown, harvested, distilled and bottled are God's gifts of nature-made medicines for every malady we may have. Their high potency and frequencies come from the fact that their entire life-force is concentrated into tiny drops that can help us with everything from physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual  imbalances. 
The effectiveness of aromatherapy essential oils cannot be fully understood without some discussion of their frequency or vibration. Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Every living thing has an electrical frequency. Robert O. Becker, M.D., documents the electrical frequency of the human body in his book, The Body Electric. A "frequency generator" was developed in the early 1020's by Royal Raymond Rife, M.D. He found that by using certain frequencies, he could destroy a cancer cell or virus. He found that these frequencies could prevent the development of disease, and others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency.
Essential oils are made up of very high frequency molecules (ranging from 52MHz to 320MHz) and contain nature’s wisdom and power to raise the body’s frequency and to assist our immune system to fight viral invasions. For greater clarity, organic Therapeutic Essential Oils are not the same as everyday aromatherapy oils, which are produced for fragrant and other purposes.
In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio has determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62-68 Hz. A healthy body frequency is 62-72 Hz . When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. Check out these very interesting findings:

Human Body:
Genius Brain Frequency 80-82 MHz
Brain Frequency Range 72-90 MHz
Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
Human Body 62-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck up 72-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck down 60-68 MHz Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are 62-68 MHz
Thymus Gland is 65-68 MHz
Heart is 67-70 MHz
Lungs are 58-65 MHz
Liver is 55-60 MHz
Pancreas is 60-80 MHz

Colds and Flu start at: 57-60 MHz
Disease starts at: 58 MHz
Candida overgrowth starts at: 55 MHz
Receptive to Epstein Barr at: 52 MHz
Receptive to Cancer at: 42 MHz
Death begins at: 25 MHz

(fresh foods and herbs can be higher if grown organically and eaten freshly picked):
Fresh Foods 20-27 Hz
Fresh Herbs 20-27 Hz
Dried Foods 15-22 Hz
Dried Herbs 15-22 Hz
Processed/Canned Food 0 HZ...(the majority of food we eat)
According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises an important question, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz, dried herbs from 12 to 22 Hz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Essential oils start at 52 Hz and go as high as 320 Hz, which is the frequency of rose oil. Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live.

American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943), a pioneer of electrical technology, said that if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.

Every essential oil has a frequency and each of our organs and body parts have a frequency. The frequency of an oil will attract a like frequency in the body. Lower frequencies become a sponge for negative energy. The frequency is what stays in the body to maintain the longer lasting effects of the oil. Low frequencies make physical changes in the body. Middle frequencies make emotional changes in the body. High frequencies make spiritual changes in the body. Spiritual frequencies range from 92 to 360 Hz. (Bone frequency is 38-43; neck and down frequency is 62-68).

Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D, in his book, The Body Electric, who also explains that a person's health can be determined by the frequency of the person's body.

Another doctor and scientist, whose research has been buried for some time but has managed to resurface due to the work of avid supporters, is Dr Royal Raymond Rife M.D, who developed a frequency generator in the late 1920’s. In brief, Rife successfully treated 1,000 patients diagnosed with incurable cancer in the 1930’s. He was honoured with 14 awards and an honorary doctorate.

After the unsuccessful attempt by pharmaceutical companies to buy out his research and equipment, his office was ransacked, his research paperwork was stolen and the machine that healed all those 1,000 “incurable” cancer patients was destroyed.
In 1934, before this destruction occurred, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife's San Diego Laboratory and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine the patients - if still alive - in 90 days. After the 90 days of treatment, the Committee concluded that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 13.5% of the patients also responded within the next four weeks. The total recovery rate using Rife's technology was 100%.
What Rife had developed was a 100% effective cure for many forms of cancer. So why do we not know about this and why are there so many cancer research foundations in existence? Put simply, it is due to the economic motives of the orthodox medical community, which relies on funding for cancer research - such funding often coming from pharmaceutical companies - and whose fortunes would be damaged if a cure for cancer was found. (That is, it’s OK to search for a cure but don’t really find one!) This is a story that illustrates yet another grand attempt by the mainstream medical community to control the lives - and deaths - of so many millions of people today.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1937) What Rife proved is that every health disorder has a frequency, which in turn responds (resonates) to a specific (optimal) frequency for its dissolving/healing in the body.

People who maintain their optimal frequency, at least of their immune system, would prevent development of symptoms and illnesses associated with the common cold. Of course, in practise this does not work for most of us because, being human, we experience stress and emotional challenges on a daily basis, which lower our body frequency. Hence, we need to raise our body frequency regularly/daily with the right substances that are compatible at the cellular/energic level of our being, rather than wait until our body frequency has dropped so low that it becomes a friendly host for microscopic invaders.

How can we prove this?According to a report (Epidemiology, May 2001; 11:345-349) psychological stress - particularly the chronic type that may accompany a personality with a negative outlook - is a risk factor for contracting colds. An optimistic outlook and outgoing personality seemed to protect individuals, investigators found. The findings indicate that high levels of psychological stress are closely associated with contracting the common cold. While the common cold is rarely a serious health hazard, it is responsible for about 30 million days of lost work in the U.S. alone each year. To investigate whether stress increased the likelihood of developing a cold, the researchers surveyed more than 1,100 Spanish university staff and students at regular intervals over a one year period. The study focused on different types of stress, including stress from life events, perceived stress, having a generally negative outlook, anxious or compulsive personality, compared with having a positive outlook/attitude to life.
Individuals with a negative outlook were at greatest risk of developing colds - regardless of their intake of vitamin C and zinc or their smoking and drinking habits. The next highest-risk individuals were those who believed that they were under stress. These people were nearly three times as likely to develop a cold, according to the report.

Why Should I Avoid An Antibiotic?

Colds can be contracted as the result of contact with more than 200 different viruses. However, among all of the cold viruses, the rhinovirus and the coronavirus cause the majority of colds. Each time you have a cold, it is caused by a distinct virus (e.g. adenovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus, and coronavirus). Viruses are much smaller than bacteria. They are tiny clusters of genetic material surrounded by a protein ‘wrapper’. Medical science currently does not have any drugs that can kill these viruses. Antibiotics, including penicillin, do not have any effect on viruses. They are only used to treat secondary bacterial infections that can further complicate the effects of a cold.
How Do We Actually Contract the Cold?
The most common source of infection is not from coughing or sneezing, or walking barefoot in the rain, but from hand-to-hand contact. That is why, when you have a cold, washing your hands frequently is very important. The likelihood of contracting the cold virus increases, however, if one is overtired and physically exhausted. Most uncomplicated colds last eight to nine days; about 25% last two weeks; and 5 -10% last three weeks.As long as one’s temperature remains below 38.8 degrees Celsius, there is no need to lower it. Cold viruses do not reproduce at higher body temperatures. In fact, a slight fever should help us get rid of the virus quicker and feel better much sooner. It is our body’s own way of ridding itself of toxins.Why are Aspirin and Tylenol counterproductive?A study (J Infect Dis, Dec 1990; 162(6):1277-82) showed that people who take aspirin and Tylenol (acetaminophen) suppress their body's ability to produce antibodies that destroy the cold virus. This actually causes the body to take longer to fight the cold and it accounts for any secondary infections and post-nasal drip.

What Can We Do to Avoid Common Cold?While orthodox medicine does not have the answer for colds and ‘flu, nature does - and it comes in the form of pure organic unadulterated Therapeutic Essential Oils. Why? Because they are made up of very high frequency molecules (ranging from 52MHz to 320MHz) and contain nature’s wisdom and power to raise the body’s frequency and to assist our immune system to fight viral invasions. For greater clarity, organic Therapeutic Essential Oils are not the same as everyday aromatherapy oils, which are produced for fragrant and other purposes.

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How to Use Essential Oils to Balance the Chakras; Crown Chakra

Essential Oil Recipes for Detox; How to use essential oils for detoxification

  • Essential Oil Recipes for Detoxing the Body
    Recipes for: Skin and Internal Organ Detox Blend, Immediate Detox Blend, Cleanse & Detox Blend, Super Detox and Cellulite Buster Blend, Liver / Lymphatic System Detox Blend, Mind-Detox Blend and Stress Relief, Purify Your Space Blend
  • How to Use Essential Oils for Detoxification
    Detoxifying the body using essential oils is one of the best ways to clean out the harmful toxins laying stagnant in our bodies. Find out which essential oils to use for detoxing the body, and different ways to detoxify the body, mind and spirit.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Essential Oils and Chakras Part Seven; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; 6th Chakra or the Third Eye Chakra

If you missed part one, see it here; Essential Oils and Chakras Part One; Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras and Part Two; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; The Root Chakra ,and
  Part Three; The Sacral Chakra. , Part Four; The Solar Plexus Chakra , Part Five; The Heart Chakra , and Part Six; The 5th Chakra-Throat Chakra .

The Third Eye Chakra; 6th Chakra (Ajna) - Intuition, Wisdom, Logic & E.S.P

The sixth chakra (also called the 'third eye' or brow chakra) is located at the pituitary/pineal level in the center of the brain (not the center of the forehead), and is also known as "the Third Eye". This chakra governs spiritual direction and wisdom. It is the seat of dreams, inner vision, and the spiritual life. Its color is indigo or shades of dark blue and deals with self-mastery, wisdom, opening doors to the subconscious, restoring long-buried soul memories, bridging the finite and infinite, assisting and guiding our inner journeys to spiritual or cosmic knowledge. Indigo also deals with connecting to a higher understanding, self-acceptance, and intuition, as well as spiritual and celestial love. The 6th chakra is the seat of all your intuitive abilities: inner seeing, inner hearing, inner feeling and inner knowing. The physiological functions of the third eye chakra or 6th chakra are related to vision, the eyes, and the pituitary gland, the 1st cervical vertebrae, endocrine system, sinuses, ears, and face, and metaphysically affects; the energy center of intuition, imagination, and creative visualization.
This chakra is about seeing, both literally and intuitively. It gives us insight. When it is open we are very self aware, perceptive and may have heightened clairvoyance. We are better at healing, more sure of the future, and tend to make better choices. This is the chakra of visions and dreams and imagination.

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Aromatherapy as an Aphrodisiac ; Essential Oil Recipes for Love

Aromatherapy has, over the centuries, been used for countless purposes, including aiding the mind, body and spirit to heal, as well as having calming effects, and even help with beauty. But for many ancient cultures almost every one has well documented effects of flowers and their distilled oils on the human libido, and aphrodisiac aromatherapy is part of their makeup.
From the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs and Sumerians come the passed down romantic helpers of jasmine, peppermint, lilies, sunflowers, and of course, roses. Logan Pearsall Smith pointed out in the late 1800s that flowers are the sex organ of the plant and flowers are actually the sexual representation of the plant. Hmmmm, no sexual innuendos there.

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