Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses/ Get Refreshed by Nature's Energies

“Distillation Is In Itself A Simple Natural Phenomenon. When You Look Above Your Head And See Clouds In The Sky, These Are But Evaporation's Visible Shape. And When You Walk At Dawn On Grass Dew, It Is On Night's Condensate."

I love this quote. It surely expresses a true natural phenomenon. It surprises me that more people are not aware of how beautiful our earth is; it's magical-like qualities and occurrences of life are around every corner. And we walk on our man-made sidewalks while looking at our man-made cars and concrete buildings, with hardly a glance upward, or to nature's wonder and glory. We are truly missing out on a wonderfully abundant life.

Why not take today to stop and smell the roses. Walk a different route this morning; look for new plants or animals. Try something different and make a point to spend some time in the fresh outdoors (if you are living in a big city, try taking a walk in a park and soak up as much oxygenated air and 'natural' energy from the natural world around you.)You will be so glad you did.

When I'm surrounded by nature, a part of me is rejoicing while another part of me is nervous (a fear of the unknown). I immediately dive into the rejoicing/happy part of me so I won't recognize the terror trying to rise within me. It seems to work quite well, especially if I concentrate on the birds that are close by, or a squirrel that is within sight, or something like that, it could be anything, a turtle, a bunny, a tree, a flower...whatever it takes to clear my mind and focus entirely on receiving positive energy from the world around me. After a few minutes the light from the sun mixed with the energy of the natural world seems to fill me with such a wonderful feeling that I entirely forget anything about fear. Of course, I believe this is God working a beautiful magic. But not everyone feels the same way. It's too bad, because...what a wonderful feeling it is!

I hope you find a way to spend some time in nature today to refresh your mind, body and soul with a part of the nurturing world around you. You'll find it can add a great deal of clarity, awareness, and 'being' into your life.

That's really the ticket.......
being aware, with clarity, focus, and (my least favorite) discipline.

Discipline has always been an issue with me..*smile*


get up and get outside!

take a clearing breath (or two, or ten).......
feel great!

light & love to you.....


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