Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Natural Perfumers Guild Professional Suppliers Stores Members & Associates

Natural Perfumers Guild Members

AbdesSalaam Attar - Dominique Dubrana
A Wing and A Prayer Perfumes - Jane Cate
Anu's Essentials - Anu Prestonia
Anya's Garden Perfumes - Anya McCoy
April Aromatics - Tanja Bochnig
A Perfume Organic - Amanda Walker
Artemisia Natural Perfumes - Lisa Fong
Ascent Natural Perfumes - Rohanna Goodwin Smith
Bellyflowers Perfumes - Elise Pearlstine
BioScent by Dupetit - Alfredo duPetit
DSH Perfumes - Dawn Spencer Hurwitz
House of Matriarch - Christi Meshell
Iriestar - Julie Longyear
Isabelle Gellé Parfums - Isabelle Gelle
Janita Haan Perfumes - Janita Haan
JoAnne Bassett Perfumes - JoAnne Bassett
Lord's Jester - Adam Gottshalk
Lunaroma - Leyla Bringas
Maui Perfumes - Jackie Cummings
Mermade Magickal Arts - Katlyn Breene
Miessence - Narelle Chenery
One Seed - Liz Cook
Natalchemy Perfumes - Larry Marsala
Perfume by Nature - Ambrosia Jones
Providence Perfume - Charna Ethier
Rose en Bos - Emily Pienaar
Sabbah Perfumes - Lydia Sabbah website TBA
Sharini Parfums Naturels - Nick Jennings
Strange Invisible Perfumes - Alexandra Balahoutis
Therapeutate - Rodney Hughes
Associate designation includes supporters of natural perfumery who may use fragrance oils or aromachemicals. Please inquire from them if you are not certain their products are all-natural. The majority of the Associates do carry all-natural products.

1000 Flowers - natural perfume line TBA - Jessica September Buchanan
Anne Andenaes - Aromatherapist - Anne Andenaes
Amanda Jones Barbados - Natural Soap and Skin Care - Amanda Jones
Arghand - Afghani organization - natural products - Sarah Chayes
Aromahead Institute - Aromatherapy Education - Andrea Butje
Aromatically You - Natural fragrance - Sharon Schetelick - wesite TBA
Aromawear - Aromatherapy and Perfume Jewelry - Cathy Gins
Avery Gilbert - Scent Scientist and Author - What the Nose Knows
Basenotes - Forum, News & Directory for perfume lovers- Grant Osborne
Black Sheep Perfumes - Natural Perfume and Body Care - Andrine Olson
Blossoming Tree Body Care - Naturall Body care - Lisa Abdul-Quddus
Cropwatch - Perfume Chemist and Natural Aromatics Activist - Tony Burfield
Ellenoire - Indulgence for Bath, Body and Home - Noelle Smith
Fragrance Foundation - International Fragrance Industry - Rochelle Bloom
Fragrance Sciences - Barry Gibson - website TBA
Ganache For Lips - Natural Lip Balms - Patty West
Green Scentsations - Aromatherapist, author Mindy Green - website TBA
His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta’isi Efi, King of Samoa - author of monograph on use of natural fragrance in Samoa
Ingrid K - Aromatherapist - Ingrid Kutschbach
Jeanne Rose Natural Perfumery Classes - Educator and Author - Jeanne Rose
Littlefeather Organics - Emmelie Brunetti
New England Natural Soap - Artisan Soaps and Body Care - Nancy Brooks
Olfactory NZ Ltd. - Natural Hair Styling Pomade - Eleanor Laban
Nothing Perfume - Perfume and Scented Products - Michael O'Malley
Pacific Perfumes NZ - Francesca Brice and Kate JasonSmith
Pomegranate, Lotus and Plum - Body Care - Alison Cecile Johns
Prodarom - Grasse Institute of Perfumery - Industry Coalition - Isabel Torrente
Renaissance Aromas - Luxury Potpourri - David Mark website TBA
Secret Garden Soaps - Natural Soaps and Body Care - Mary Forrest
The Scent Trail - Author Celia Lyttelton
Stephanie K Naturals - Perfumes and Body Care - Stephanie Vinson
Taylored Essences - Diane Taylor
Terresscentials - 100% Organic Body Care Products - Diana Kaye
Robert Tisserand - Aromatherapy Consultant and Author - Robert Tisserand
Urban Eden - Naturally-Scented Soaps and Bodycare - Laura Natusch
Y-Yo Fragrances - Helen Coates
A Little Olfactory - Natural Aromatics and Body Care - Chris Ziegler
Albert Vieille - Wholesale Supplier of Natural Aromatics - Georges Ferrando
Allured Books - Industry Publishing House - Jeb Gleason
Ambergris Tincture - Finest Grade Aged Ambergris Tinctures - Adrienne Beuse
Alpha Aromatics Organics - Certified Organic Fragrances - Roger Howell
Aqua Oleum - Finest quality oils - Alec Lawless
Arlys Naturals - Natural Aromatics Body Care and Supplies - Susan Stype
Aromatics International - Karen Williams - Natural essential oils, GC/MS avail.
AV-AT Anatolian Treasures - Natural Aromatics and Body Care - Butch Owen
Ecomaat Bulgaria - Natural Aromatics - Atanas Krachmarov
Eden Botanicals - Natural essential oils, CO2s, absolutes and more - Will Lapaz
Essentially Me - Perfumery Supplies and Perfume - Siän James
Essentially Me Canada - Perfumery Supplies and Perfume - Nigel Strike Enfleurage NYC - Natural Perfumery supplies - Trygve Harris
HeartMagic - Distillation Equipment, Handblown Glass - Gary Stadler
Iriodes - Natural perfumes, etc - Claire Martin-Garrigue website TBA
Lifetree Aromatix - Aromatherapist/Educator - John Steele - 1-818-986-0584
Neroliane - Pure and natural aromatics from France
Saponifier Magazine - Online magazine for the Soap, Toiletries, Cosmetics and Candle Industry - Kathy Tarbox


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