Saturday, May 28, 2011

Essential Oils and Chakras Part Two; Using Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras; The Root Chakra

If you missed part one, see it here; Essential Oils and Chakras Part One; Introduction to Using Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras , it will help you understand the basis of this series of articles on  balancing the chakras with essential oils.

I have been studying essential oils for over 20 years now, and have always been interested in the spiritual side of how nature can help elevate our minds, bodies, and spirits. True, they have many physical properties that aid us in bettering our lives, beauty, and health, (for instance; How to Cure Frizzy Hair with Essential Oils , or Many Helpful Suggestions on Uses of Essential Oils , and How to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Hair,) as well as properties that can help us mentally (such as; Can Essential Oils Help with Depression & Anxiety? Using Aromatherapy as a Mood Regulator , or List of Essential Oils for Specific Emotions ), but nature's gifts can also help us spiritually to balance, heighten, and elevate our spiritual sides as well. Sometimes, just the scent alone of certain plants or flowers can take me away to a magical and spiritual place where I am connected to all things, to all people - the whole universe as "ONE" life conglomeration of light and love. I am always in awe of the magic that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Our chakras, or energy centers, hold a mystical and magical form of light, and when in balance with these energies we can become even more than we are; what we are truly meant to be. I love how Anita Slotte describes the chakras, her words ring true and have a musical quality to them. Here is a snippet of her description of what chakras are,
"The chakras are the ancient depositories of all the divine energy given to humanity at the beginning of time. They are "The seven Spirits" guiding us on our path of transformation, our initiation into the mysteries of life. The knowledge and use of chakras as a means to spiritual awakening has been recognised through the ages in all the great religions in one form or another." See the rest of her " Tools for Transformation " on her webpage.

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